Current For Summer/Fall 2019

Extra crap: I am trying to recover from massive eye surgery right now and preparing for more.

How this(WagonGear) works right now: 

  • I build stuff as I can. (yes I am still building stuff, I just don’t have much time right now)
  • I post it on the site when it’s ready.
  • You can then buy it.

There is no secret order list or preorder process.
It is not a total crap-shoot though, you can subscribe to the newsletter or newsfeed at the top right of the page here:

If you do that, I make a post every time I update inventory and you will get an automated notification that there are parts available. (you don’t need to check the site every day!)

Normally I have been able to keep the tailgate lids in stock and ready to order. The past three years have been pretty crummy though, life keeps getting in the way and I have had very limited shop time.
So I am behind.
Things are getting better though, I work on welding every chance I get. Please keep in mind that this is a hobby, I have to work a full time job to pay bills and get health benefits. I also have a house undergoing a one-man (me) reconstruction, babies to raise, and all the other normal life stuff. Sometimes I choose to shower and eat dinner instead of weld, and I do apologize for that. I really enjoyed doing this work full-time and I had more than enough to keep me busy, but even with how expensive all these parts are it’s simply not anywhere near enough to cover insurance costs.

Some FAQ Items:

No, you can not preorder or prepay.
It has always been my policy to not take any funds until I have things ready to ship, too many things can go wrong. I also abandoned “lists” long ago since they turn into such a hassle to manage. They are also not transparent, the website is here for everyone to see and therefore much more fair.

When will XYorZ be ready?
I don’t know.
And if you email me to find out, I have to spend time typing a response rather than welding, so it will take even longer! :-)

(that’s sarcasm, but also kinda true)
I work as hard and as often as I can, but no matter what there are delays.

The “News” section on my site is up to date and accurate.
Each successive post trumps the previous one. If an old post says something was put in stock but the site says out of stock, they are gone until I can make more.

Update to this, I am trying out using Instagram for general updates, easier to do, linked on the bottom of the home page

The site inventory is accurate.


The order I am working on things:
I attack things in the order that makes the most customers happy, faster projects first.

  • Small stuff. I try my best to keep these on hand, but they are mostly break-even convenience items so they are also a low priority even though they are first on the list.
  • Tailgate Lids. I am working on getting them back in stock on the site. I make them in batches and list them, I am actually pretty close to catching up the backlog on both the 60s and 80s if I can just get the batches finished up. The demand for the 100 lids is much more limited so as noted on the 100 lid page I do put those parts into circulation but on an as-requested basis.
  • Side Panels. (60 series only) These are still custom made for each truck and will always have to be since there are so many variables. I have finally been able to get to the point where I can work on these as well and most of the long-term orders have been taken care of. If you are interested in a set, send me some pics of your cargo area so I can see what profile you would need and I can then layout the needed parts to be welded as I can.
  • Flip Windows. After all that I am really happy to finally be breaking in on more of my windows. They are very intensive projects that are very expensive to make so I need to still concentrate on other stuff (most customers happy first) But I am REALLY close to being able to trickle these back onto the site.


So all that answers the most common questions I get emailed every day. Past that feel free to drop me a line, however, considering the info above, keep in mind that responses may be slow, sometimes it can take a week or more to catch up on the inbox.