There are two basic latch choices for all the panels, stainless compression latches, or black cam latches.

The stainless Compression Latches are $100-set
They can come with or without a tumbler key lock $5-ea. key core

They are made entirely of stainless steel and operate as a 1/4 turn compression latch.
These are my top of the line bomb poof latch. For the quality they are certainly worth it, they are overkill for the application but if you are a hardware junkie they are sweet.
Unfortunately each one of these (very nice) latches cost $50.

A video of the stainless latch operation:


The black zinc Cam Latches are $55-set
They can come with or without a tumbler key lock $5-ea. key core
The cam latches provide a secure hold comparable to the compression latches in a more cost effective package. They are cast zinc construction with a black powder coated finish. The compromise is that the stainless latches provide a pull ring as an integral part of their function, but because of the cam function of these latches, the user has to be able to grip the tab to pull the lid open.
The operation is still quite smooth and easy.

A video of the cam latch operation:

Black Powder Coated SS Latches
Adds $50 to the cost of a set (2)

For those that want the stainless latches but absolutely positively have to have them in black, I can dismantle them and have each part powder coated. It’s a good bit of work, there are a lot of parts and they need to be accurately masked, wired up, coated, cleaned up, and then re-fit for assembly. So, there is a $50 “vanity fee” per set.
This can only be done with non-locking latches and is a custom order item.