I don’t make them.

I take care of all WagonGear business through email.
I don’t have a setup that lets me take payments over the phone.

It’s next to impossible to catch me on the phone and just about as hard to return calls. I work a full time job so between that, life, and all my other projects, I am pretty much always in a situation where either my hands are full, or if they are not, it’s too loud to hear a phone conversation (I work in shops all the time).

It’s enough of a challenge keeping up with returning emails without adding return phone calls on top of that. Email lets me keep track of what needs to be done and most importantly I can send responses outside of normal business hours.
A lot of times folks call with a simple question, then we talk about the rest of their project for an hour. :-p It’s easy to get side tracked talking cruisers and I find it’s a bad habit facilitated by phone calls. I think most of you will agree that my time is better spent welding.

On top of ALL that, i just don’t like talking on the phone!
Never have, and I do WagonGear ’cause I like to, so why add that to it?

I look forward to hearing from you! (through email)
Kevin R.