Notes about the Door Seals:
These seals DO NOT REPLACE any of the factory weatherstrip, they go on the body of the truck (not the door) and replace a piece of vinyl edge trim that on all early 60 series Land Cruisers had no seal.
On late model 60 and 62 series Cruisers, the front driver and passenger edge trims had an additional foam seal on the leading edge of the door, these new seals mimic that part but with a much larger bulb to actually contact the metal of the door all the way around the opening.

These are not an OEM part and they do not have an OEM fit.
I have attempted to show the seals in an accurate light.
They are not molded for the corners and they bulge and kink in unappealing ways. All of which does not effect their function.

After 6 years of use my drivers side door has started letting a bit of wind noise in at high speed in high winds. It is nowhere near as bad as running without the new seals, but I can tell that they are starting to wear out.
In this situation there are two options, new front seals, or take a bit of time to snake a repair into the problem area.

Installation Notes
The install on these can range from, piece-of-cake, to PITA. The big problem is that they touch the metal of the door frame, so the door closes harder, at first the door can be so hard to close that latch and hinge adjustment may be necessary. For the most part I recommend avoiding these adjustments if possible since the seals seat in quite quickly and the adjustments may need to be taken out after a short time.
In some cases the doors will just not close right with the extra mass in there, adjustments may be absolutely necessary, or an extreme measure can be taken by slicing off the lower parts of the foam bulb on the edge trim, if this is done below the window line it will barely effect the level of wind noise prevented since the top of the door gets the brunt of the abuse.
Doors are not a standard item, they all have different clearances and have been messed with over the years, there is no baseline for starting from. If your hinges and catches are rusty, there may be a chance that you can not even adjust them.