60 series lids (only a few) avalible

Posted on Dec 17, 2015
60 series lids (only a few) avalible

Things have not been going as well as I planned and this batch is taking WAY too long to comlpete. I just went ahead and powder coated the ones I have ready so I could post them here, there are not many but I am working on more.

Inventory has been updated here, once they show as “out of stock” they are out of stock again.

I have the rest of this month off from “work” so I will be able to catch up a little bit. I also have an uninsulated house that I need to button up….but I plan to weld at least one new frame every day, so that’s a big dent.

(that includes 60, 80, and 100  series frames, along with a couple side panels as well)

If  you have any questions take a peek here before emailing: