A Couple 60 Lids Ready For New Homes

Posted on Mar 14, 2017
A Couple 60 Lids Ready For New Homes

I have just a few 60 series tailgate lids that are ready for their new homes.

I’ve got a bunch more right behind them but keep not having time to finish them off so I wanted to get these few going at least.


And as usual:

There is a chance that by the time you get your notification they could be gone since there is a hierarchy to the newsletter mailing (this will definitely be the case this time around). They can not send all at once or things would crash so the email addresses that have been on there the longest do get the notification a few minutes before the newest sign-ups.

If you are not able to snag one this batch I am doing well right now and should be able to keep posting a batch each month, really getting subscribers knocked off the list now!

60 Series Tailgate Lids

Inventory has been updated, once they show as “out of stock” they are out of stock again.

Please keep in mind that I will be getting a bunch of orders all at once, it will easily take a week, possibly two, to get each one assembled, wrapped up, and ready to ship. I print all the shipping labels in one batch and work through the stack.

If you have any questions take a peek here before emailing.