Back In Oregon, with a place to work

Posted on Nov 4, 2013
Back In Oregon, with a place to work

After two and a half hard weeks of searching I’ve finally got a place to put the welding bench. I drove 740 miles just canvasing the industrial spaces in town trying to find a vacant unit. There are lots of big spaces available for way more than my budget, but apparently the size space I need is also the perfect size space needed for growing weed, and since growing weed is the only industry in Eugene…. all the spaces are taken.
I’ve got room to work now, and looking forward to getting some of that done.

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  1. Dan
    November 12, 2013


    Way to go! I would like to come down and talk to you about some project ideas. Also, the ones we have already discussed.

    Hit me up on e-mail.


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