More Tailgates Ready, 60 and 80

Posted on Mar 3, 2016
More Tailgates Ready, 60 and 80

I have another small batch of tailgate frames I can assemble and send out.

A few for the 60s

And a few for the 80s

Inventory has been updated, once they show as “out of stock” they are out of stock again.

Please keep in mind that I will be getting a bunch of orders all at once, it will easily take a week, possibly two to get each one assembled, wrapped up, and ready to ship. I print all the shipping labels in one batch and work through the stack.

Also, with this batch I am running short on some of my latches, if everyone orders the same latch types I might run out, that being the case some orders might get delayed, or I can refund the whole thing with a couple of clicks.


If  you have any questions take a peek here before emailing: