Installation of the Fridge Hinge Flip Kit hardware


To start leave all the original hardware in place until the new hardware has been installed, this ensures that the lid hinges and latches into the same position.

All the necessary hardware is included. The only thing you will need is a #2 & #3 screwdriver bit, a pen or center punch and a drill.

Choose which side the lid will hinge from and instal the new latch.

I have made a small plastic template to help with latch hole layout.
The tabs on the template indicate where the latch will make contact, be sure that they will clear the edge trim and mark the holes with a pen or punch.

The screws are all self drilling so you wont need to worry about drilling too far with a drill bit.

The hinge has a lip on the back to help it fit flush over the edge trim.

You can see how it fits snug and flush.

The screws for the hinges use a flat tipped philips driver, you may strip the screws if you don’t use the appropriate bit.

Here you can compare the flat tip driver to a standard #2 driver.

Use the hinge as a drill guide and drive the screws in. Be sure not to over-torque the screws and strip the sheet metal out.

Once the screws are in place tighten the friction adjuster screw on the hinge (use the #3 flat tip again). Tighten it until you get the desired feel from the lid.

Two hinges and a latch installed.
Now that they are in place, remove the top two hinge screws and unlatch the latches. Open the lid as usual and remove the OE hinges, then reassemble using the new hardware. You can leave the OE latch in place as a secondary latch if you like.

As a final step reinstall the factory 4mm hinge screws into the holes on the top of the fridge. These help hold the top-cover in place and stop any extra squeaks and rattles.

Then you are all set.

For Transit Bag Users

The hinge is low profile and fits under the transit bag.

On our fridge I cut the transit bag around the new latch and bound the edge. A local upholstery shop can do this very easily, or the latch can be used without modifying the bag.
The other option is to run the kit without the new latch as the OE latch still holds the lid securely, even with the new hinge position.
None of this is an issue if you do not use a transit bag.