I have posted a striped down version of the installation instructions specific to the 80 series trucks here:
Flip Window Instructions Overview-80 Series
The details and small changes/updates posted there apply to all the series

To start with here are all the tools we used that day:

And a video overview of what’s-what:

First up is getting the glass out of the truck.
Video overview of the process:

You really just need a bunch of flat-head screw drivers and some patience.
Start near a top corner and and pull the gasket away from the body.

As you do this the window will move away from the body, the objective is to start pushing the gasket underneath and outside of the pinch weld.
(you do not do this by prying, you loosen the grip by inserting the drivers and once you have enough room you start to tuck the gasket under)

The corners are going to be the most difficult, you can see that it can be a bit of a balancing act.

One screwdriver holding the gasket out, one (burnished one) pushing it under the pinch weld.

Once you get the top edge and the top two corners tucked under you can push out on the glass.

Grab hold and lift it out of place.
That’s how i do it anyway.

On to the new frames.

I will be sending them out mostly assembled. This makes sure I’