Some 80 Series Tailgates Ready To Go

Posted on Nov 8, 2016
Some 80 Series Tailgates Ready To Go

I have another small batch of tailgate frames ready to assemble and send out.

Been really cranking on catching up side panel orders so there has not been much to post on the site for the last few months, but I’ve just completed another small batch of 80 series tailgate lids that can go out.

I’m already rolling right into working on welding more lids right now, there will be some 60 series ones in this coming batch as well. Also, I’m going to try my durndest to post updates here in the news section every week as to what I am working on (might not always be cruiser stuff). I can’t keep up on any of the forums, but I am going to at least try to stay up to date on my own site. :-p Stay tuned to the news section if you want to keep tabs, you will not get an automated newsletter for posts that do not contain inventory updates though, that would be spam.


A few 80 Series Lids

As usual, inventory has been updated, once they show as “out of stock” they are out of stock again.

Please keep in mind that I will be getting a bunch of orders all at once, it will easily take a week, possibly two to get each one assembled, wrapped up, and ready to ship. I print all the shipping labels in one batch and work through the stack.

I might run short on latches if everyone happens to order the same combination, we will have to see what happens there.


If you have any questions take a peek here before emailing: