Things are getting better…

Posted on Nov 6, 2016
Things are getting better…

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts recently, I missed being part of the social media generation so this all takes a concerted effort for me. :-p

Anyway, I have not been posting much here on the site since I have been working almost exclusively on side panels for the 60 series trucks which are all custom order items. I’ve had folks waiting a LONG time for me to catch up on them so I focused on that (I also like building side panels a lot, so that helps).

I’ve gotten more than 20 sets taken care of and marked off the build board (that feels good) and I’ve just recently started making a long overdue batch of 80 series tailgate lids to help catch up on demand there, I will be able to post a small batch of those this coming week with more to follow!


Thanks for all the support and understanding, I miss being able to do this work full time and keep things in stock, but no matter how well WagonGear does it’s not anywhere near enough to cover health insurance for my family, so off to a “real” job I go.


(note, you should not get an automatic email notification for this post since it does not contain an inventory update, I do not do spam :-P)