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Antenna Mount


CB Antenna Mount to fit 60/61/62 and now for the 80/LX450 Cruisers as well.
Dual Purpose AM-FM-CB Mount.

Use the OE antenna location for both CB & FM functions.

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Product Description

This is a simple bracket, threaded rod, and hardware set to make it so that you can mount a spring base heavy-duty CB stye antenna in the factory location. All metal parts are stainless steel (hence the price)
It’s not necessarily the best antenna location, but A CB is far from the best radio, since the mount spot is there why not put it to use.

Install Note for 80 Series Trucks:
On SOME 1993 models the hole for this mount to bolt to is not present, easily remedied by assembling the mount in place and using it to determine hole placement to drill a 1/4″ hole.
On SOME 1997 models we have found that there is an unused nut welded to the back side of the mount hole, once again in this case drilling is required to remove the nut.

There are other commercially available parts needed to complete this installation, see the antenna info page for detailed parts list and instructions:
Lots More Info

I’ve basically put the leg work into this application so you don’t have to.
All the other parts can be sourced from Walcott CB, good prices, good service and a great selection.

Additional Information

Antenna Mount

60 (FJ60/62) Series Antenna Mount, 80 (FZJ80/LX450) Series Antenna Mount