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Door Seals


60/62 Series Passenger Door Weatherstrip Upgrade
Shipping within the lower 48 included, contact me for international shipping.


Update 01.14.21 I have another roll of this material on hand but with the prices of everything going up and up I can not in good conscience sell it for what I would need to sell it for.

Rising prices prompted me to double check the rates and my actual out of pocket expense to bring this in (actual cash out , not overhead, not printing material, not packing materials, not running them to the post office, etc) is $111 per truck. I need the material on hand for other projects but I can not justify how expensive it would have to be to be worth shipping out.

All that said- I am still getting asked for it, I jacked the price up to try and cover costs and listed a few in stock. -Just to be clear I do not believe this material is worth the added expense, but that’s the world today.


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Product Description

I have assembled a set of seals to replace the vinyl edge trim on our early trucks. On the 60 series this does not replace an existing seal, it puts one on the door frame where there was not one. On the 62s there is a seal in this location, but only on the front two doors and it is often very compressed.

I can offer it as an inventory item but availability may be intermittent.

Please see the weatherstrip info page for information about the door seals and what they do:

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