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Fridge Hinge Flip Kits


Simple hardware package with everything needed to flip the way your fridge lid hinges.

This style of fridge is getting less and less common as everyone switches to plastic, so these kits are not in demand much anymore.
If you need one- just drop me an email and I can put the parts together quick.

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Product Description

This kit is specifically designed to fit the Engle/ARB/ Norcold style of fridge and works on all sizes. The 60 and 80qt sizes already hinge in this direction so the main focus is the 45 (pictured) and the 35. Customers have used the hinges to modify many types of fridges though since the fit is fairly universal.

The supplied hinge is an adjustable tension hinge that is capable of holding the lid of a 32/45qt cooler open, the larger sizes are pushing it for tension but the hinge will still work just fine. So, keep in mind that on the very large fridges the friction hinges may not hold the lid in position until it is fully upright due to the extra weight. Also keep in mind that if you crank down on the friction screw¬†to make it work you are putting excess stress on the mounting screws, they are only screwed into sheet metal so use common sense, don’t rip them out. (If you do you can replace them with nutserts). In general; abuse will stress the mount points, don’t crank up the tension, don’t fop the lid open, etc.

Lots more info and installation instructions:
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